Support Sisters Under Sail

Invest in a Girl's Future

Sisters Under Sail, established in 2005 as a New Jersey based non-profit corporation, is dedicated to helping teen girls build confidence, develop leadership skills, and witness first-hand what women can do together when focused on a common goal. The organization delivers its mission through sail training aboard an all-women crewed tall ship. Since inception, its empowerment program has put more than 550 girls from the United States and Canada aboard with 45% of these teenagers participating via sponsorship dollars.

The Sisters Under Sail program has been referred to as life changing for many young women. The proven leadership program supports teen development as they challenge themselves in new ways and, through facilitated learning, applies lessons learned to life back at home. Key competencies such as communication, goal setting, strategic thinking, problem solving, experiencing and understanding the effectiveness of various leadership styles and relationship building are only a few of the focuses the girls are presented with during their voyage.

While we believe that all girls deserve to learn valuable life lessons, we are committed to identifying young women making great choices who would not otherwise be able to afford such opportunities. Help these girls climb aboard with Sisters so they too can grow from our hands-on confidence-building leadership program.